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voluntary redundancy, Compromise Agreement, Redundancy law, Employment Lawyers, Compromise Agreements


Welcome to our Compromise Agreement website.

We are experts in advising on Compromise Agreements and our employment lawyers will advise and assist you on the terms of your Compromise Agreements.

Our employment solicitors are highly experienced and will provide you with the best possible independent legal advice and assistance in relation to the terms of your Compromise Agreement as well as any further employment law advice that you may require, including advice in relation to unfair dismissal, your employee rights  or redundancy law.  You may contact us as soon as you are advised that you are at risk of redundancy or you have been given a Compromise Agreement. 
An employment lawyer will guide you through the terms of your Compromise Agreement in a meeting before you sign the Compromise Agreement, which can be a face to face meeting or an audio. Once you and your employer sign the Compromise Agremeent it becomes a binding agreement.
During the meeting, if you have any questions, we will answer them and if there are any queries to be raised with your employer, the employment solicitor will provide you with this information to raise with your employer directly to achieve the best possible result.
We are here to provide you with the highest quality employment law advice.

A useful website for information on employment law is ACAS.

Our useful blog on all areas of compromise agreements is available at Advice On Compromise Agreements

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